Bronze Package


Why not take a complete introduction to the key principles of Supply Chain Management. Whether you are new to the subject, or just want to brush up on the important aspects of developing your SCM strategy, this bronze package fits the bill. The key measures of success in today’s global supply chains, and the role that inventory, procurement and distribution all play in building a successful supply chain are explored through videos, on-line learning, case studies and practical assignments.

A no-nonsense approach to creating your SCM strategy.

This package includes a one-year subscription to all five of the introductory courses in this series
  • The evolution of supply chain management
  • Developing your supply chain management strategy
  • Inventory in supply chain managemnet
  • Procuremnet in supply chain
  • Introduction to distribution management
How long will it take you to complete the course?

The package includes an impressive 12 hours of training including video and on-line learning modules as well as case study exampes and assignments that will help you transfer the skills covered to your own organization.

Please fill out the registration form opposite and complete payment to gain immediate access to this training.

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