Unveiling Our Journey: Crafting Excellence in Supply Chain Solutions

A business’s supply chain, while often neglected or misunderstood, is paramount to a company’s success. At Kaleidoscope, we combine our supply chain expertise with storytelling to make it engaging and relevant in our consulting and training. As a dynamic company, Kaleidoscope International specializes in creating meaningful global business relationships by building strong relationships, enabling smooth collaboration, and bridging cultural differences for success.

The Kaleidoscope Approach

In your quest for the ideal consulting partner, consider these vital factors, which align seamlessly with our approach at Kaleidoscope International:

Independence and Technology Agnosticism: We take pride in our unwavering independence. Our commitment to transparency ensures there are no hidden alliances or backroom deals with vendors. With us, you receive impartial guidance.

Ethics and Integrity: Our track record stands as a testament to our unwavering ethical standards. Unlike firms marred by client dissatisfaction and turnover, we maintain a history of trustworthiness and client success.

Partnership with Industry Experience: Our partnership team comprises industry experts, deeply versed in digital transformation and ERP implementations. We not only bring industry knowledge but also a hands-on commitment to our clients.

High-Caliber and Experienced ERP Consultants: Our consultants network are handpicked, representing the best in the field. Their proven ability to elevate organizations is backed by references specific to their expertise.

Flexibility and Client Focus: Your unique needs are our compass. We tailor solutions to fit your situation, shunning rigid templates and methodologies. Your success is our priority.

Industry Reputation: Our standing within the industry speaks for itself. Seek input from industry peers, and you’ll find our reputation shines brightly.

Hands-on Implementation Experience: We pride ourselves on a rich history of navigating diverse and complex digital transformations. We don’t just theorize; we deliver results, steering your project to success.

At Kaleidoscope International, we embody these criteria, anchoring our commitment to your project’s success. The choice of the right consulting partner can be transformative. Let’s connect and explore how our values align with your organization’s goals.

James Amoah - CEO of Kaleidoscope International

James Amoah - CEO of Kaleidoscope​

Over 23 years of corporate supply experience, accomplished, success-oriented professional highly regarded for leading the creation and development of strategic plans, administering and coordinating key logistics, supply chain, and manufacturing activities, and presiding over and directing operations to ensure maximum success. Dedicated leader with a proven history of supervising, leading, and motivating high-performing teams that surpass all expectations across different sectors. Increase company success by driving significant improvements in processes and performance while reducing costs, orchestrating the change and transformation of multimillion-dollar global operations, and navigating the organization and coordination of supply chain-related operations. Organized and a keen eye for detail, with demonstrated ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously. Leverage strong communication skills to foster long-lasting relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Thrive in fast-paced, collaborative and diverse environments.

Meet some of our Storytellers...

Jan de Kimpe

Jan is a supply chain expert who combines consulting, training and project management with a focus on finished product distribution. Through his college and consulting background, Jan has a broad, cross-functional view of the supply chain and the consequences of supply chain decisions. Jan has been working and consulting for over 30 years in various industries (FMCG, health and beauty, electronics, e-commerce, pet food, spare parts,…) mainly in Europe. He is passionate about creating solutions that meet the given objectives and work for the people and the company.

Apoorva Kumar

Apoorva Kumar

Over the last 10 years, Apoorva has extensively built the Operations in Africa & Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for Jumia. Jumia the leading pan-African e-commerce platform. Apoorva has a deep understanding of the African, Indian and GCC landscape with very strong connections inside the industry. He has lived in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Dubai and India and travelled across the world building the supply chain network and teams.

Katharina Luban

Katharina is a professor of logistics and supply chain management at OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule on the German side of Switzerland. Her research focuses on key issues in today’s supply chains, especially in the area of digitalization, data transparency and resilience. Katharina combines her technical background with broad industry experience to drive well-defined processes and smart solutions. A particular focus is on developing approaches for small and medium-sized enterprises. In education, Katharina loves empowering her students to become part of and drivers of successful supply chains.

Mike Titchen

As a skilled Master Black Belt, Mike has been delivering Lean Six Sigma training to all levels for 17 years, and has been immersed in Process Excellence for nearly two decades. He has trained thousands of delegates, delivered training and consultancy across a variety of industries around the world and has been personally responsible for identifying millions of pounds worth of savings. His industry experience includes manufacturing, engineering, financial services and professional services.

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