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Our Supply Chain Courses

The Evolution of Supply Chain Management

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Before you begin your studies, take a look at the history of how international trade has led to the development of today’s global supply networks, and the relationship between technological advances and the infrastructure and processes that support the ever-expanding supply chains.​

Developing your Supply Chain Management Strategy

125 CHF

Introduction to Inventory in Supply Chain Management

125 CHF

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

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Introduction to Distribution Management

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All Our Courses In One!

At Kaleidoscope International, we know that everyone likes a good deal. So that’s what we offer you. Our Bronze Package includes all the latest courses we offer in a package that is cheaper and more accessible for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to try it out!

Bronze Package
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All Courses above in a single package.
From Developing you Supply Chain Strategy to Introduction to Distribution Management.
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Tailor-Made Courses

At Kaleidoscope, we understand that every organization is unique, with distinct challenges and opportunities. We offer tailor-made supply chain courses to address your specific needs and aspirations. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke supply chain course or a more conventional training program, we’re here to create the perfect learning solution for you.

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