Developing Strategy

Developing your Supply Chain Management Strategy

Course Overview

It is important to explore how you will measure the success of your supply chain. It is not sufficient to target the lowest cost of supply. In today’s markets securing a constant flow of goods at every stage of the chain can be the difference between success and failure. Building resilience, sustainability, and factoring in broader issues of social responsibility and environmental protection are also key to building trust within your markets and ensuring customer satisfaction. This module takes you through the key issues and looks at how you can decide the right strategy for your organization.

  • Introduction to successful supply chain management
  • Key success factors in supply chain managment
  • Developing your supply chain managemnet strategy
  • Case Study – key success factors in supply chain managment
  • Assignment – the keys to success in global supply chain management
How long will it take you to complete the course?

The course will include approximately 90 minutes study plus a case study exercise and practical assignment – Total 180 minutes

What will you get from taking this course?

This course will allow you to set clear goals for your supply chain and provide you with the tools necessary to build an outline strategy to achieve success across your operation.

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