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We are a Swiss-based consulting firm that provides end-to-end solutions for your supply chain. We address your business needs and provide our expertise through consulting and training to ensure your team has the skills to get the job done once our project with you is complete.

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Our consultancy services are here to support your business' growth and success.

We are supply chain experts with experience around the world and in a variety of sectors, and unlike most consulting firms, we take a holistic approach. We work with your company to improve a process, find solutions to problems, or provide expertise for complicated projects. But we take it a step further. We know that sometimes a business needs more input than a short-term project can provide. That’s why we take a three-pronged approach and also provide training and coaching. Our passion is to show supply chain management as the dynamic and stimulating field that it is by weaving the principles of storytelling with supply chain management not only in our classes, but also through blogs, coaching, and supply chain fiction.

Our Areas of Expertise









At Kaleidoscope, we take great pride in unveiling our extraordinary journey—a story of vision, determination, and innovation. From humble beginnings to becoming a leading force in the industry, our path has been filled with challenges and triumphs. As we reflect on the milestones that have shaped us, we are inspired by the unwavering commitment of our team and the unwavering support of our clients and partners. With each twist and turn, we have adapted and evolved, guided by our core values of integrity, excellence, and customer-centricity. Together, we embark on the next chapter of our kaleidoscopic voyage, driven by the belief that endless possibilities lie ahead.

We also offer end-to-end supply chain training with our Supply Chain Mastery Academy!

We offer a variety of ways to learn with the client, you, in mind. We offer asynchronous online learning, one-to-one coaching, in-person training, and an even a tailored approach! We are passionate about supply chain and eager to share our real-world experiences and knowledge!

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A Global Outreach

Over 23 Countries


Tailor strategies that align with a client’s specific industry, challenges and goals and ultimately leading to a more streamlined and effective operation.

Delivered Business Transformations

Exceeding $8 billion


Ensuring that the target company aligns with the acquiring company’s long term goals and objectives. Focus on improving efficiency, synergy, integration, reducing costs and increasing overall performance within the supply chain process.

Our Experience

300 years +


 Our network of supply chain professionals, who bring incredible experience to consulting and training our clients, provides supply chain knowledge and business know-how.

Case Studies

Each case study is divided into four sections: the company, the challenge, the kaleidoscope approach and the results. All are examples of work Kaleidoscope has done for one of our various clients, so you can get a better idea of what we do.

Develop the network strategy for supply chain/production/sourcing

Kaleidoscope delivered a project for a global medical device company focused on improving operating margin and cash flow within a 3-year timeframe. Our team optimized manufacturing and distribution networks while improving customer service and mitigating risks associated with asset concentration. Based on assessments of current assets, market needs and supplier relationships, we proposed optimal network locations, resulting in significant cost savings of 17.2% per unit over a 3-year period, or approximately $130 million. This approach not only met financial targets, but also laid the foundation for increased service, quality and innovation.

Global ERP S4/Hana Transformation - Customer Service Strategy

Working with a global coatings company, Kaleidoscope played a critical role in transforming business processes. The company faced the challenge that disparate systems and manual processes were impacting performance visibility across all sites. As an extension of commercial leadership, we worked to refine the strategy for customer service, e-commerce, and pricing, focusing on the development of a Customer Service Operating Model. Working closely with customers and internal teams, we defined goals, improved satisfaction, and identified $2 million in productivity savings. The resulting model, developed and approved using Kaleidoscope's methodology, contributed to the successful transformation of the business.

Merger & Acquisition

Working with Coty Inc, Kaleidoscope took a critical role in Coty's acquisition of P&G Beauty Brands, a transformative project in the cosmetics industry. Coty needed an experienced supply chain manager with expertise in complex project management and customer service to navigate the intricacies of the acquisition. Within 48 hours of being engaged, Kaleidoscope optimized the approach, saved the company $5 million, and established a robust global operating model for customer service. Over a 12-month period, Kaleidoscope led the successful exit from Transition Service Agreements (TSAs) in multiple regions, which was recognized as best-in-class performance. Following this success, Coty extended Kaleidoscope's engagement to lead the integration phase and further streamline processes across the business.

Post Merger & Acquisition Business Simplification

Kaleidoscope played a central role in the transformative acquisition of P&G Beauty Brands by Coty Inc. As an extension of the company, we led the integration phase by streamlining processes across all departments and implementing methods to simplify and standardize. Through customer service optimization strategies driven by artificial intelligence, we achieved impressive results, including a 2.7 increase in NPS, a 6% reduction in customer churn, and significant improvements in online cart size and query resolution time. In addition, we successfully aligned payment and logistics terms, optimized core order-to-cash processes, and used best practices to improve performance.

Pricing Diagnostic and Strategy

Kaleidoscope worked with a multi-billion USD global coatings company to significantly improve pricing strategy and transparency. As an extension of commercial leadership, we examined value realization opportunities and developed a comprehensive pricing strategy that went hand-in-hand with customer service and e-commerce initiatives. With a focus on profitability and price competitiveness, we defined pricing targets, methodologies and structures that aligned with different product offerings and market segments. Our approach resulted in millions of dollars of margin improvement through price optimization and the reduction of negative margin customers, giving the client better visibility into their pricing strategy and infrastructure.

Cost Reduction & Value Chain Improvement

Working with a multi-million dollar medical device company in the UK, Kaleidoscope implemented a lean production initiative to improve cost and quality. We analyzed opportunities for quality improvement in electronics box manufacturing, supplier qualification programs, variance reduction targets, and local assembly and distribution options. Through our efforts, we successfully implemented a cost and profitability monitor, conducted on-site capability assessments, and achieved remarkable results, including cost savings of more than $7 million over 3 years, a 10.5% over target with a cumulative savings of 13.6%, and a 75% first pass yield on quality (compared to the 70% target).

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) - Demand

Kaleidoscope partnered with the global manufacturer and supplier of lifeboats and Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) to address inventory issues and improve synchronization of supply and demand. We identified, trained, and coached a team to manage the demand forecasting process, developed a comprehensive forecasting process, and worked closely with the company's leadership team to create various planning teams. Our competency assessments ensured that the right people were selected, and our training focused on key demand forecasting functions. In this way, we developed a capable team that demonstrated a better understanding and application of forecasting concepts, techniques, and best practices, resulting in increased accuracy and informed decision making.

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