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Warehouse Management

No public date is currently scheduled for this course. We can a provide tailored course at a time and date that suits you. If interested please contact us.

Duration: 2 days

This intensive 2-day course has been developed by experienced professionals, with a wealth of real-world knowledge in the field of Warehouse Management.

You will learn all the aspects of warehousing management, while gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in this area.

A look at the innovations in this area both now and in the future will be discussed.

Price: 1,960 CHF

By the end of this course you will have a firm grasp of the best methods to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer relations, and employee health and safety, and how to avoid negative environmental effects.

Warehouse managers will acquire the necessary practical skills and knowledge for the efficient organization and running of a warehouse, as well as methods to oversee improvements in warehouse performance, benefiting your company’s warehouse facility and leading to enhanced career prospects.

in PERson Training

A personalised and supported experience.

Small group sizes and expert trainers who facilitate inspiring, interactive and fun classes.

Overview of Warehouse Management

 At the heart of every successful organization’s supply chain is an efficient and robust warehouse operation, leading to a business trusted by its customers. In fact, customers rank the area of shipping cost only just above that of speed as an influencing factor to where they take their business, showing clearly how important it is to have an effective warehouse operation. Warehouses are no longer simple storage facilities, but highly complex organisms where finished products are stored near to their consumers and within which complex operations take place.

There are a number of important and interlinked aspects to good warehouse management. It incorporates the organisation and control of all products entering, being stored and leaving the warehouse – including the picking, packing and shipping of these products, as well as making sure that the warehouse itself and its equipment runs efficiently. Constant vigilance is required to maintain this efficiency, with a focus on overseeing and constantly improving performance. To this end, businesses use various automation tools or Warehouse Management Systems.

Who should attend the course?

Those with an understanding of the vital nature of the role played by warehouse management to a business would benefit the most. However, anyone can attend.


Value for You and Your Organisation.

Putting key warehouse facility personnel, such as your warehouse managers, through this training will help your business see improvements in your warehouse procedures and performance. Enhanced productivity with efficiency and greater accuracy will be a beneficial outcome. You will see improvements to the health and safety of your warehouse personnel and a reduction in environmental incidents.

Course Content

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Facilities Design and Warehouse set-up (size, layout, technologies, … ),
  2. Warehouse operations: Warehouse operations (Unit-load, cold storage, bulk storage), Warehouse location
  3. Warehouse design
  4. Warehouse assessment
  5. Warehouse automation (including robotized warehousing systems)
  6. Item pick methods
  7.  Warehouse storage and retrieval strategy
  8.  Performance measures and setting service levels
  9.  Warehouse team performance
  10.  Warehouse simulation
  11. Warehouse contracts
  12. PPs in Warehousing
  13. Legal and Regulatory Aspects
  14. Digital strategies and IT infrastructure
  15. Implications of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on warehouse network design

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Practical Information

Want to know more?

The course starts on Monday the 9th of October and goes on until Friday the 13th of October.

Start time: 09.00 CET – be sure to arrive a little bit before so we can start on time.

Finish: 14:00 CET.

The course is in person and takes place in Switzerland (Europe) in the scenic village of Lutry in the Canton Vaud.


You need to pass the course, once you’ve done that you’ll be certified!

The course can take place in two ways. 

(1) If you contact us and tell us you want a training in a particular area we cover.

(2) When we have a course running which will be displayed above in a calendar format.

The course can either be in-person or virtual via video conferencing.

IF there are any other questions you have feel free to reach out to us at:
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