Procurement 5

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Course Overview

Procurement is a critical part of effective supply chain management. It is not just about getting the best price for materials and services acquired, it is about sourcing suppliers and maintaining the right relationships that support the key objectives of the organization and the supply chain. In this module we look at some important aspects of procurement as well as practical approaches to sourcing suppliers and assessing the key "make or buy" decision often faced by organizations.

  • The importance of procurement in supply chain management
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Developing the role of procurement in supply chain management
  • Case Study – Procurement and the supply chain
  • Assignment – Procurement and supply chain management
How long will it take you to complete the course?

The course will include approximately 90 minutes study plus a case study exercise and practical assignment – Total 180 minutes

What will you get from taking this course?

This course will help create an understanding of how procurement can have a strategic impact on supply chain performance. You will be able to assess how effective your own procuremnet function is and whether it has the right structure to best support your organisation. You will also be able to advise on how best to analyze the best course of action in a ‘make or buy’ decision and unserstand the factors involved in strategic supplier selection. 

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