Cloud Computing – What is it and is it helpful?

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a popular practice involving the internet to store and manage your data on the internet. It is a cheaper and improved alternative to On-premises computing, seeing as you pay only for what you use, on top of that it gives way for less costly scale ups and reduces loss in a potential scale down. 


What are your opinions on cloud computing and the extent which it can help supply chain issues? 

Unlike On-premises computing, cloud allows the client to store data much easier and have swifter access to said storage. This would be an impressive cost and time reduction for the supply chain. 

Cloud computing offers stronger data security meaning that industries of all kinds can take advantage of economical prices for their sensitive information, additionally the time spent for data security management can be completely dispensed of.


Is it helpful for all industries or just some? 

Cloud – computing is a more efficient form of computing. It allows industries of all kinds to depreciate the amount of monotonous effort put into computing. Cloud-based computing extends the option of tailored solutions that will work for an individual industry. You have the potentiality to get more work done with the same amount of labour using cloud-based supply chain management. Not to mention the increase in performance of cloud-computing in the years to come as technology increases. 


Why would a company want to use this? 

  • Cost effective – cut down on personnel managing on premise data centres 
  • Lower time consumption – optimise moving product (data being analysed over time will aid in making decisions by looking at patterns and redundancies) , load, and delivery times
  • More storage 
  • Better data recovery
  • No need for maintenance staff

Cloud computing certifies that supply chain managers will have quicker access to information to make proficient decisions. 


Why would a company want to immediately implement this and in what scenario?

During this worldwide pandemic, companies may want to implement immediate use of cloud-computing. With it there’s an increase in flexibility and accessibility allowing people to work from remotely and be granted access to important/valuable information anywhere in the world. It allows there to be a more rapid response to day-to-day changes which can occur. If companies want to stay relevant and adapt to their environment, cloud-based systems are essential. Keeping the traditional system in such economically unstable times is damaging in terms cost. Using cloud-computing in supply chain management truly simplifies the process and allows a company to focus their attention on other matters which may be more important and increase profit.


Why would a company want to avoid this?

To those who are afraid of change and growing technology, there may be a few disadvantages to cloud computing. The one main point would notably be the fact that once you have your data in a cloud server, you are no longer in control. Instead of an in-house IT staff member, a live help desk may be at your disposal instead.

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