Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Apocalypse But Not Now: ChatGPT & the Supply Chain

This blog discusses the prevailing apocalyptic predictions about sentient AI triggered by the launch of ChatGPT and draws parallels with the author’s fictional narrative about AI in business. The paper emphasises that while AI is transformative, the predictions are often exaggerated and highlights the limitations of programmes like ChatGPT. The author argues that human trust, commitment, intuition and personal judgement are still irreplaceable in decision-making and worries about the impact of technology on human cognitive abilities and critical thinking.

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Understanding AI’s Potential in the Supply Chain

In this blog we look at the potential of AI in the supply chain. Despite concerns about job displacement, the application of AI in this industry increases efficiency and minimises errors. Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, quickly analyses vast data sets, identifies patterns and provides rapid insights. The value of AI is in predicting production needs, optimising supplier performance and reducing freight costs, among other things. It also helps automate warehousing and inspection. The impact of AI is far-reaching, revolutionising supply chain operations and insights through transformative tools that complement human decision-making.

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