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Six Levels of Supply Chain

The Six Levels of Supply Chain

In this blog, we look at the six levels of supply chains and shed light on their complicated dynamics. From the physical production processes to the digital realm driven by technology, and the influence of business decisions, legality, ethics and political factors, each level plays an important role. As we navigate these interconnected layers, it becomes clear that adapting to rapid change and fostering resilience are critical to maintaining a successful supply chain operation, especially in our ever-changing world.

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Grey-Haired Rock Star

In this blog we look at the importance of experience and wisdom in the supply chain industry. While the prospect of getting older in the workplace can be daunting, it is important to recognise the unique value that experienced professionals bring. In a rapidly changing landscape where five different generations work together, these “grey-haired rock stars” can be the company’s Swiss Army knives, adapting to different needs, acting as mentors and championing innovative solutions. With their understanding of both industry culture and technological advancements, experienced individuals play a critical role in steering supply chain management towards efficiency and success.

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Understanding Internet of Things applicability in the Supply Chain

In this blog we look at the Internet of Things (IoT) and its profound impact on supply chain management. While the IoT may not attract much attention from the average person, it is a revolutionary tool for those involved in supply chains. The IoT is something of a little observer on your product’s journey, allowing businesses to monitor warehouse conditions, track delivery progress and locate goods efficiently. There are an estimated 31 billion IoT devices (expected to be 75 billion by 2025). These devices provide real-time insights that can transform the way companies manage their supply chains.

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