Sustainability and Circular Supply Chains 

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

This blog post explores the concept of storytelling to overcome supply chain challenges using an episode from the Korean series “Hello Me” from TV When a company that makes snacks cuts ties with an organic strawberry farm because of a late delivery, it causes a drastic drop in sales. The product development team applies a narrative approach and uses creative treats to restore the trust of the farm owners. This example highlights the importance of understanding human emotions and relationships in supply chain dynamics and taking a broader perspective beyond conventional metrics.

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Future Warehousing Success

Considerations for Future Warehousing Success

In this blog, we look at the key considerations for building a successful warehouse business in the future. Studying market trends and aligning them with operational strategies is critical. Factors such as geographic footprint, growth projections, process speed, flexibility, asset utilisation and operational costs are key to choosing warehousing solutions – whether outsourced, automated or managed by employees. The impact of e-commerce on workload and flexibility, as well as the shortage of skilled staff, is driving technological change. Smart glasses, voice solutions and technology-driven processes facilitate efficient operations. Standardisation, WMS/WES systems and pooling of resources further improve warehouse management. For more insights, follow us on LinkedIn or join our expert courses on warehousing.

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Supply Chain through Storytelling

Positive Role of Supply Chain for Real World Understanding

In this blog we delve into the power of storytelling to make supply chain training engaging. Traditional training is often not well received, but if you design it differently, you can spark interest. The Beer Game, a variation of supply chain training, uses a relatable context to effectively teach concepts such as collaboration and management. For millennia, people have learned through stories, as stories foster connections and trust and allow participants to become engrossed in the learning. When you add excitement and action, what is learned sticks in the mind and can be easily recalled over time.

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