Supply Chain Mastery Academy

This membership is aimed at those seeking to gain a greater understanding of the supply chain, job-seekers and those wanting to up-skill.

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CHF 17. 95 / month

At Kaleidoscope we’re passionate about educating, being thought leaders in our field and breaking down the misconceptions about the Supply Chain.

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At Kaleidoscope we have aimed to “See Problems Differently”. This goes beyond our approach to consultancy and applies very much to the training we provide online – for our members – as well as in-person. Some of the core strengths of our team lie in:

  • Program & Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Contract Negotiation  
  • Relationship Building
  • Business Process Improvement

By joining us you embark on a journey to improve yourself in these areas and more with a team that has real and current business experience. 

Our Online Supply Chain Courses

All included in our membership package for only 17.95 a month!

Developing your Supply Chain Management Strategy

Introduction to Inventory in Supply Chain Management

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Distribution Management

The Evolution of Supply Chain Management

Learn the beginnings of the Supply Chain.

Before you begin your studies, take a look at the history of how international trade has led to the development of today’s global supply networks, and the relationship between technological advances and the infrastructure and processes that support the ever-expanding supply chains.​

Inspired by the Storyteller series by James Amoah.

In this series we have taken lessons from the books “Devil in the Chain” and “Chaotic Butterfly” to show the importance of narrative learning. We recommend you check out the books, available on Amazon!

The World of Chocacoa

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